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Balustrades & Infills

Cork Airport Multi-Storey Car Park

Architect: Jacobs Engineering

At the Cork Aiport multi-storey car park weave type MULTI-BARRETTE was chosen for the facade.  To compliment this, the staircase and walkway panels of the CUB building were infilled with DOKA-BARRETTE 8914, a solid version of MULTI-BARRETTE.  The elements on the spiral staircase were formed to follow the radius.

005PSLMcGill University

Architect:  KPMB Architects

Stylish internal Staircase made from EGLA-TWIN 4313

Two elements of HBWF EGLA-TWIN 4313 run  through the eye of the staircase from top to bottom.  The double layered structure of the wire cloth elements creates interesting moiré effects

The same specification was also used to  clad the exterior façade of the building.


6 Continents

Architect: Cartwright Pickard


Balustrade infil panels made from HBWF DOKAWELL-MONO 3421, were framed in a unique style of frame. The indentations of this particular weave type catch the light adding sparkle to the atrium.


The Eden Project Rainforest Lookout, Cornwall

The Rainforest Biome at the Eden centre takes visitors on a journey of exploration into the forest.  The balustrade panels of the walkway are infilled with HBWF DOKAWELL-MONO 3481.  With an open area of 79% this mesh achieves the desired openess whilst at the same fulfills impact load regulations. 

The snaking, organic, vine-like structure of the walkway is over 150m long, and climbs to the dizzy height of 12m giving visitors the chance to experience the wonders of the magnificent rainforest.

Fearn Island Mills Internal KitchenLFearn Island Mills, Leeds

Architect: Cartwright Pickard

A major regeneration project featuring a former mill turned into contemporary living apartments.

The internal and external balustrades feature DOKAWELL-TRIO 3433 which was specially created for this project.