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Interior Design

custoCusto Barcelona

Architect: Salvador Giné

At this high fashion store in the heart of Barcelona, the quality of the products was reflected in the choice of materials used for the interior design.  Weave type MULTI-BARRETTE 8106 lines the walls providing  the perfect backdrop to the display the brightly coloured garments.  Ceiling panels made from DOKAWELL-MONO 3001 glisten overhead as the mesh catches and reflects the light.  

'The Revisionist Wire Works'

Artist: William Tillyer

Weave type: DOGLA-TRIO 1011

 "The use of wire meshes and grid systems has played an integral part in my method of working over the last 30 years.

'The Revisionist Wire Works' are a continuation of an exploration and interest in form. In these paintings form is alluded to in the central geometric motif, and rendered in 'trompe l'oeil'.

Weave type LARGO 2027

The wall cladding in this high-end fashion boutique in London is made from stainless steel mesh type LARGO-PLENUS 2027.

The square opening was specially developed for this project. To achieve the desired 25% open area, this mesh type is woven with flat wires, which at the same time achieves a uniform and even light reflection.

peabodyresidenceFor the owners of the Peabody Residence the home's focus was to combine art with architecture. Walls large enough to accommodate irregurlarly sized canvases and metal wire screens siding the central stairway give the home it's open and artistic character.

HAVER & BOECKER wire meshes allow light to filter through to the artwork. The 5,60m long panels of MULTI-BARRETTE 8301 accentuate the artistics work in a unique way giving the room it's indivual style

Centre West, Glasgow

Architects:  BDP

Elements of weave type EGLA-TWIN 4223 were used to clad the customer services desk.