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The combination of aperture size & wire diameter is crucial in providing accurate, long-lasting screening. H&B Wire manufacture a vast range of pre-crimped meshes, combining a wide range of aperture & wire diameters to give each screen its own characteristics in terms of strength & screening area. This is determined by the final application of the required screen.

Screens are manufactured in High Tensile Steel, Hard drawn Steel & Stainless Steel AISI 304 & 316.

HBWF have been supplying UK quarries with Quality Screens for over 35 years  -  our products are manufactured to the highest ISO technical standards.

HBWF are approved to BS EN ISO 9001.


Screens can be supplied with:
Standard Hook Strips
Welded U-Sections
Hook Strips with Sheathed-ends & U-Sections.

hooked screens 1 200 ds

Edge folded 180° with eyelets

Taped & eyeletted screens to your requirements

 edge folded 180 200 ds

Double fold hook strip for

Silicone or rubber lip sealing optional

 hooked screens 3 with rubber side strips 200 ds

HAVER Test sieve shakers

test sieve shakers 200 ds

The HAVER Test Sieve range provides the optimum design for every operational requirement. In combination with corresponding test sieve shakers of HAVER & BOECKER they provide integrated solutions for analysing product of almost every shape, size and consistency.

Haver Test Sieves

test sieves 1 200ds

We provide test sieves conforming to standards for every screening task, for example standard test sieves made from stainless steel, for analysis of cereals or with square frames made from beeachwood. Hand sieving, conventional sieving, dry or wet sieving: Analyse bulk material from 5 micron up to 125 mm with HAVER Test Sieves.

Photo-optical Particle Analysis

haver cpa 2 1 240 ds

HAVER CPA systems provide particle analysis with standardised units and customised inline and online solutions for the largest abstract measuring range from 10 micron up to 400 mm. All particles of a sample which lie within the measuring range are analysed and counted in real time by the approved line scan camera.