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Highly accurate registration, precision ink deposit control and high abrasion resistance top the list of benefits prompting printers to choose HBWF stainless steel wire cloth.  Our tight tolerances from the selection of wire to the final inspection of each roll we deliver, guarantee reliability.  HBWF technology and the nature of stainless steel itself makes these benefits possible.

Unlike synthetic screen fabrics, HBWF wire cloth will not absorb moisture, and is unaffected by temperature.  It is dimensionally stable, yet elastic enough, so you can stretch a highly-tensioned, drum-tight screen and print with a minimum off-contact distance.  This ensures the most accurate and consistent printing results.

grappa gold detail 200 dsThe combination of these benefits makes Haver wire cloth perfect for applications where registration, controlled ink deposits and color uniformity are critical. And for the most demanding applications and finest detail, there is our Calendering CT Foil Mesh.

Ideal applications include:

• Printed Circuit Boards
• Solar cell
• Membrane Switch
• Glass bottles / hollow glassware
• Architectural & Flat Glass
• Electro Luminescent
• Thermo Plastic

• Solder mask
• Nomenclature
• Thick film technology
• Key pads
• Scales/Dash boards
• Liquid crystal displays
• Ceramics including wall tiles

Please contact us on 01925 819515 for additional information

• Ideal ratio of wire diameter and opening.
Uniform and accurate aperture widths.
Excellent dimensional stability. 

Long durability of stencils.
• High yield point.
Narrow tolerance of overall fabric thickness.

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hb 325 mesh 2neu 14 ds

hb 250 mesh fin 14 200 ds