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From our base in Warrington, Cheshire, H&B Wire Fabrications have been producing woven wire cloth since 1977. As part of the Haver & Boecker group, today we are one of the world's leading wire weaving companies.

Our technical woven wire cloth is used for screening and filtration purposes by many industries - from quarrying to high-tech aerospace, with apertures ranging from many inches down to a few micron.

All of our woven wire cloth is manufactured according to ISO 9044 and is produced to the strictest user’s demands. State-of-the-art machinery, and our dedicated team of qualified experts manufacture wire cloth and wire cloth products for all applications.

H&B Wire Fabrications Ltd are the only remaining company weaving woven filter mesh in the country.

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Woven wire cloth is a proven filter media. It offers good flow rate coupled with a precisely defined open area to suit various applications.

Our precision woven wire cloth has been successfully used in a variety of screening, filtration & analysis applications including:

chemical industries, plastic extrusion, automotive, aerospace, electronic, industrial screening, test sieving, food industries and many others.


Our PLYMESH and POROSTAR® filters are manufactured using several layers of woven wire cloth sintered together to form a laminated panel.

They are used for many applications where precision filtration is required. POROSTAR® is especially suitable for the particle-free filtration of solid-liquid and solid-gaseous materials

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We can deliver your mesh in a variety of forms, for example :

Standard rolls, slit mesh strips, cut-to-size pieces, punched discs, filter packs, round sieves, and many others.

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Our group has one of the largest research & development facilities of any weaving company in the world. We pride ourselves in our R&D capabilities, and ensure that all our production facilities are at the forefront of technology & to the highest standard.

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Although most applications call for Stainless Steel mesh, a full range of materials are available:

Stainless Steel (AISI Series), Mild & Galvanised Steel, Brass, Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium, Monel, Hastelloy etc.

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We manufacture a large range of Test Sieve & related particle analysis products. These range from test sieve shakers to the newest photo-optical computerised particle analysis sytems.