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Ceiling Designs

stratford station 247

Stratford DLR Station, London

Architect : SMC Alsop

Ceiling Design using DOKAWELL-MONO 3021

This landmark terminus for the 2012 Olympic Games features a "snaking" platform canopy lined with panels of DOKAWELL-MONO 3021. 

Reichstag Parliament Building, Berlin

Architect : Sir Norman Foster

Assembly Hall Ceiling Panels made from DOKA-MONO 7021

Equipped with state-of-the-art acoustical mats Haver & Boecker Woven Wire Cloth elements have brilliant sound absorbing features. The functional sound absorbing material is hidden behind the high class stainless steel layer, which provides the ambience with it's own elegant character.


SmithsofSmithfieldLSmiths of Smithfield, London.

Contemporary ceiling & wall design using ALTERNA & FLEXOMESH

Doncaster Wool Market

Architect : Elden Minns & Co Ltd

Elements of weave type EGLA-MONO 4251 are used as bird protection mesh at this traditional british market. 
The mesh was powder coated black after manufacture.

bild04LVolksbank, Oelde

Architect : E.Hilker, D-Oelde

Weave type EGLA-TWIN 4243  is tensioned onto frames and suspended in the ceiling construction, creating an exciting chessboard design, if the slotted openings are laid at 90 degree angles to each other.