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Wall Panelling

mannheimer 247Mannheimer Swartling, Sweden

Architect: Lund + Valentin Arkitktur

Wall Panels made from TEXTURA 1991 + MULTI-BARRETTE 8106

In the lobby of the Mannheimer Swartling law office two different mesh types has been used.

The architect decided to use MULTI-BARRETTE 8106 for the desk to get a sober and a special welcome feeling for the office. The first thing you see when you enter this office is this desk.

eurowallEuro Parliament Building, Brussels

Architect: Michel Boucquillon

Wall Panels made from DOKAWELL-MONO 1741 were installed around this pretigious building to provide sun-protection and also to act a light diffusers.

hanswallHanseatic Trade Centre, Hamburg

Architect: BRT Architekten, Hamburg

Wall Panels made from FLEXOMESH 9236

The dense FLEXOMESH 9246 was used in this wall cladding. Besides standard size elements a series of special elements was supplied.

Pieces of wire cloth were bent and under pretension attached to frames, which are then simply hung into the substructure.

cologneT2wallAirport D-Cologne, Terminal 2

Architect: Murphy / Jahn, USA

Inside terminal 2, wall-mounted services were veiled using elements of MULTI-BARRETTE 8124.  The mesh sleekly disguises the pipes but at the same time the open area of the mesh allows natural ventillation to take place.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

Architect: Pfeiffer Partners

The Griffith Observatory is a key Los Angeles landmark and one of the world's major planetaria. Pfeiffer Partners' design renovated the historic building and provided underground expansion to house temporary and permanent exhibition areas, offices, classrooms, a café, gift shop and the new Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theatre, a 202-seat theater/lecture hall.

The walls of the theatre are clad with EGLA-TWIN 4243.