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Media Facades

Architectural façades are becoming the focus of new media communication and to this end we have designed and created IMAGIC WEAVE®, a combination of HAVER & BOECKER Architectural Wire Mesh and state-of-the-art LED technology from Traxon Technologies, an Osram company.


This innovative media facade makes it easy to create individually programmable lighting effects in any colours including video presentations.  Large scale imaging video using LED media solutions accentuate the appearance and functionality of contemporary architectural sites in any urban landscape, by day and by night.


IMAGIC WEAVE® is a media façade which can be installed on a new or existing building in a customized way. By the free scalable conception of the IMAGIC WEAVE® System, it is possible to create large façade solutions for example at airports, stadiums, cinemas, shopping malls, skyscrapers or other large buildings in areas of public communication.  And with revenue from advertising the system has the potential to pay for itself over time.