For wire cloth specifications made from rigid wires or other mesh types we offer a variety of tensioning systems. Depending on the dimensions of the panels, intermediate mountings may need to be included into the system as well as the regular top and bottom mountings. 


sm top mounting 200sm top cad



A flat tension profile (tension strip) is equipped with clevis bolts. Using the bolts the mesh element is suspended into the substructure. At the same time the bolts are used to apply tension at the top mounting point.




An intermediate fixing may be required to reduce the amount of deflection and loads.

One way of realising this is by using HAVER wire connectors, which wrap around a tube, that is located behind the mesh. The connectors interlock with the mesh from the back. From the front of the element this mounting system is almost invisible.




For bottom mountings the use of flat tension profiles is recommended. Proper tensioning is achieved with  clevis screws that are attached to the flat tension profile which correspond to the top mounting. For exterior applications, structural characteristics require the use of additional pressure springs. They lend sufficient elasticity to the mesh when exposed to respective loads.