MULTI-BARRETTE specifications with their flexible cables require special tensioning systems. For example, strong round rods are incorporated into the mesh. Depending on the size of the elements intermediate moutings are required in addition to the standard top and bottom mountings. The solution offered below is a standard mounting system for MULTI-BARRETTE.  However bespoke solutions can be made to meet your specific project requirements.



Each mesh element is supplied with integrated round bars with attached eyebolts.  The mesh element can then be fastened to a sub-structure at the top (such as angle iron).




An intermediate fixing may be required to reduce the amount of deflection and loads. One way of realising this is by using HAVER wire connectors, which wrap around a tube, that is located behind the mesh. The connectors interlock with the mesh from the back. From the front of the element this mounting system is almost invisible.




Corresponding with the top mounting a round bar is integrated into the MULTI-BARRETTE mesh. Eyebolts are incorporated to tension the panels, for example using a continuous substructure like an angle iron. The eyebolts allow accurate setting of the tension.