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Balustrades & Infills

Kirkwood Hospice

Architect: IBI Nightingale

 Elegant balustrade infil panels of HBWF weave type EGLA-TWIN 4223  provide protection and screening to the external deck area of the hospice. 



Cleveland Playhouse Ideas Centre


The staircase in the Ideas Centre at the Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio are infilled with weave type ALTERNA 6012. The appearance and visibility of the alternating stripes, also called herringbones, varies depending on the light angle creating more of a flow for the entire staircase and landings.

 Please note that ALTERNA 6012 is a fine mesh which can be susceptible to damage. Use as staircase infill for other projects should be considered on a project by project basis.




Balcony Cladding, Sternenberg

Architect: Contur 2

Tensioned elements of LARGO-PLENUS 2023 create interesting balcony balustrade infills to this modern residential development.  With only 11% open area this mesh specification is very dense providing excellent privacy properties.